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Honeycomb Labs

We fill the blank spaces on the roadmap

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We're a scrappy, speedy, MVP validating skunkworks for hire

Even the strongest product teams struggle to quantify which big, forward-looking bets are worth making, and how much to bet on each one. Knowing something will cost a lot while confronting uncertainty about how users will respond can kill ideas with transformative potential and dead-end a product roadmap.


Conserving capital and driving focus are important (especially now) but so is trying new things (especially now). To do both, it’s critical to remove as much of the guesswork as possible.


We’re a super lean product development shop that works with your team to remove the guesswork and push past ambiguity around the most impactful things to build next.

Three tracks to mix and match

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Foundations in Optimization

Relative to core product development, day-to-day optimization requires completely different habits around scoping, evaluating trade offs, building, and measuring impact. 


We’ll drive fast results to your bottom line, and leave your team with a framework in place to keep building on this progress.


Your roadmap should have plenty of novel and risky ideas under consideration. The next challenge is to have a scrappy process that will rapidly filter out and de-risk the best ones.

We’ll run that process so your roadmap decisions are informed by empirical data. When you’re ready, we’ll hand it off to your team.



Effective creativity and innovation demands a switch in mindset from what works best in an ordinary business context - one that is especially hard to achieve when the chips are down and the pressure is up.

If your team wants to try new collaborative settings to unlock ideaflow and re-energize the product vision, we can help.

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Honeycomb Labs

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